Peg City Grub approved picks when you need to SkipTheDishes - From the distillery to your door. Capital K's lineup of products are one of the many unique beverage options available on SkipTheDishes (Peg City Grub)

From the distillery to your door. Capital K's lineup of products are one of the many unique beverage options available on SkipTheDishes (Peg City Grub)

By: Peg City Grub in partnership with SkipTheDishesAugust 31, 2018 // Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese

While this website’s main mission is to get you eating in Winnipeg’s best restaurants, we respect the fact that sometimes you just need to eat in a private setting where “no shoes/no shirt/no service” just does not apply. 

And that’s where Winnipeg-based business SkipTheDishes (a YES! Winnipeg success story at that!) has come to our rescue countless times.

In case you haven’t heard of the service or used it before, the gist is this: it allows you to order some pretty amazing food from some top-notch restaurants right to your door, all done online while giving you the ability to see when your order is made and tracking the route from the restaurant to your front door or hotel room. 

And it’s not just food(!) as you’ll learn below in this guide to some of our favourite dishes available from Skip here in Winnipeg

We will be ready at 8am tomorrow with loads of doughnuts! Come on down! Tomorrow’s Menu (subject to change) Everything Bagel (specialty) Sun-dried Tomato Basil Bagel (specialty) Lemon Lime Curd (pictured) London Fog Coconut Cream Peanut Butter Marshmallow Square Cheesecake (specialty) Maple Walnut Lavender Glaze Dark n Stormy (rum, ginger lime glaze) Cookies n Cream Rootbeer Glaze Chai Glaze Baileys Glaze w Stout Brownie (specialty) CrOHnuts (after 930- not avail on skip or website preorder) Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches (not avail on skip or website preorder) Vegan Cookie Dough Cheesecake (specialty) Vegan Mojito (specialty) Vegan Chocolate Coconut Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Lemon Rosemary Vegan Hibiscus Glaze Vegan Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches (not avail on skip or website preorder) Gluten Friendly AND Vegan Lemon Poppyseed (specialty) Gluten Friendly AND Vegan Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzel (specialty) Gluten Friendly AND Vegan Vanilla Sprinkles (specialty) • • • • #ohdoughnuts #lemonlime #saturyay #finditdowntown #exploremb #organicingredients #wpgnow #wpg365

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The sweet stuff

Doughnut delivery is not only a tight little alliteration, it’s also something that we highly recommend you start your Skip experience with.

Frequent readers of this website know that we relish Oh Doughnuts more than we like mustard (and we love mustard, particularly from Winnipeg’s Smak Dab). Oh Doughnuts owner Amanda Kinden continues to come up with some inventive numbers – like lemon meringue (with torched meringue on top and a lemon curd centre) and cherry amaretto with toasted almonds – while you can also get gluten free and vegan doughnuts too (because everyone deserves a doughnut). 

From Skip, you can order these delightful doughnuts by the dozen and half-dozen, making for a pleasing party pack, or (as we’ve admittedly done), a stupendous last-minute order when you get to work and realize it is a coworker’s birthday.  

The sippy stuff

Does finding a bottle at your local wine store seem daunting? Just type in “alcohol” in the Skip search engine and you’ll be blown away by all the bottles that you can have delivered. All the big (and carefully curated) Winnipeg players are on there, including Ellement Wine + Spirits (at The Forks Market), Banville & Jones, De Luca Fine Wines, Kenaston Wine Market, The Winehouse, and Piazza De Nardi. 

For instance, using Ellement as our example, you could order something ideal for summer like a Charles and Charles rosé ($21), or some P Diddy approved Ciroc Vodka ($45.99). 

You can also get growlers and cans from some of the city’s best breweries, including Little Brown Jug, Torque Brewing, Oxus Brewing Company, One Great City, Half Pints and Stone Angel. 

And let’s not forget about locally crafted and oh-so-smooth delivery from Capital K Distillery, whose lineup of Tall Grass products (including their award-winning gin, vodka, flavoured vodkas, and brand new Oaked Wheat and White Rhumb products are all available at the click of a few buttons. (Just a heads-up here: you can obviously only order wine, beer and liquor from Skip if you are 18+, while the name on the order must match your photo ID which you must show your delivery person). 

Worldly Dishes

As any aficionado of the West End will tell you, Winnipeg’s Vietnamese food scene is pretty solid – especially when it comes to Pho Hoang (which just so happens to also have a 9.8 rating on Skip – it is that good). Our go-to Skip order is the Deluxe Vermicelli (Bún Đặc Biệt), along with a side order of sugar cane shrimp. Pho Hoang also makes it easy for accommodating a group when using Skip, with group dinner options for six ($96) and 10 people ($159), which gets you a selection of some of their greatest hits. 

If you are into East Indian cuisine then Skip really has you covered in Winnipeg. There are numerous restaurants in the city that have a rating of 9.0 or higher, with standouts for us being East India Company’s vegetarian delight for one combo, and pretty much everything from Charisma (particularly the chicken masala and their cheese naan), and Clay Oven (locations at Shaw Park and on Edmonton Street), whose tandoori dishes are always top notch. 

Finally, while Dwarf no Cachette – with its kawaii décor, adorable handmade menus and plenty of hidden gnomes – is certainly one of the most unique places to eat in in the city, they are also one of Skip’s highest-rated places to order from.

Two izakaya staples that you just have to do from Dwarf are the takoyaki (fried balls of crispy and gooey buckwheat batter with an octopus centre), of which they offer 10 varieties and okonomiyaki, which is a crispy Japanese pancake that is studded with crunchy and delicious things, with six ingredient options to choose from. 

Dwarf’s options on Skip are extensive and one side of the menu you’ll want to explore are the Donburi and Buta Don (rice bowls), and all of the yōshoku-style dishes. Yōshoku are Western-inspired dishes with a Japanese style twist, which Dwarf excels at, including all of their Loco Moco (Japanese-style hamburgers), where your patty is served on rice instead of a bun, often coming with an assortment of sauces and sides.