A Very Vegan Guide to Dining in Winnipeg - Affinity Vegetarian Garden (Photo Courtesy of Hannah Capar)

Affinity Vegetarian Garden (Photo Courtesy of Hannah Capar)

By: Abi KarthigesuJuly 12, 2018 // International, Vegetarian

As all you vegans well know, finding menus to sink your teeth into that are handcrafted for herbivores can often be a challenge.

Being forced to order a side salad and a side of fries often feels like a side of sadness, so we’ve decided to create this comprehensive guide to all things plant-based here in The Peg.

Exclusively Vegan Eateries

Circle Kitchen (709 Corydon)

Circle Kitchen is still fairly new to Winnipeg, having been open for just over a month. They offer comfort food classics like taco bowls and cookies & cream bars, as well as interesting vegan twists on traditional meat based dishes, including a vegan Lox toast made with carrots.

Roughage Eatery

While Roughage Eatery doesn’t have a permanent location (yet), they do offer amazing vegan meals through pop-ups, markets and a fantastic catering menu. Roughage Eatery’s popular dishes include spanakopitas with almond ricotta, vegan charcuterie boards, and “Veganh” Mi (Banh mi) sandwiches.

Le Monkey Bar (50 Provencher)

This adorable kiosk is guaranteed to satisfy all sweet cravings. Le Monkey Bar’s products are made with high quality ingredients with high quality presentation to match! Some menu stars are the Unicorn Sundae, (which is just as magical as the mythical creature it’s named after) chocolate dipped ‘cheezecake’, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Organic Planet Deli (877 Westminster)

Organic Planet has many fresh, filling, and healthy options for a quick meal. Oh, and the entire deli is vegan! Between the soups, salads, sandwiches and baked goods, you’ll have to make multiple visits to try it all (but it’s worth it, we promise).

Acorn Café (433 Main)

Acorn Café’s home is within Generation Green, an eco-friendly shop. The café has a drink menu, enhance menu with wellness lattes, and featured hot lunches such as samosas, grilled cheese, pierogis, and nachos, to name a few. Their interpretation of a Canadian classic, the Nanaimo bar, is out of this world too. 

Boon Burger (79 Sherbrook)

Boon Burger prides itself on being Canada’s first Vegan Burger Café, born here in Winnipeg. Their 30 burger options are killer (not literally, of course), and they’ve expanded the menu with poutine, Peace-Za, soft serve, and creamy milkshakes.

If you told me that to keep the integrity of a plant based Burger required a solid steel knife, I'd have laughed. That aside I've found a gem of a restaurant in Winnipeg and one that my plant based friends will like and love. Located on Sherbrook, you'll find a fully vegan burger joint and also a pizza place which is pleasantly surprising. I know a thing or two about vegan cuisine, it can either be so bloody good it melts your face off or that it tastes like well what vibrantly coloured things that grow from the ground taste like or sometimes absolutely middle ground really. I can't quite explain how good the Bombay fire at @boonburger was. Every bite was better than the last. The interior of the Burger did sound rather suspect at first but it was deceiving. Boon Burger you smashed it. The bun and the complexity of flavours made the Burger damn near perfect. Moments like this made me appreciate the Winnipeg food scene and what it is right now. I encourage you all to show your support to some folk who commit to no harm done in the plating of such creative and out of the box food. Again this Burger was bloody insane. I fo'sho will be back soon. Vegan burgers are revolutionary and will probably be all there is to eat in the future. Also the fork is essential for this Burger and don't remove the knife until the very end. #goplants #foodblogger #semiprofoodblog #funnyfoodblogs #canadianfood #winnipeg

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Vegan friendly establishments

Saperavi (709 Corydon)

Saperavi is a hidden gem in the vegan cuisine world. Winnipeg's first authentic Georgian restaurant has a lot of flavorful vegan dishes, and if you ask nicely they’ll create dishes from scratch! Try the Lavashi (flatbread) and Pkhali (walnut and vegetable spread) or eggplant stew! 

BDI: Bridge Drive-In (766 Jubilee)

BDI is a summer staple for a Winnipegger, and recently, it became a staple for vegans too. BDI offers vanilla and chocolate ice cream with various vegan dips and toppings, as well as milkshakes. They occasionally have vegan specials, like a cotton candy cone!

Chaise Café & Lounge (271 Provencher)

Chaise is well known for their above and beyond accommodation of vegan diets. They offer beautifully plated vegan appetizers, pizza, salad, and dessert alternatives. It’s a great spot for a vegan brunch too. Plus, if you go on a Monday you can get 50% off (if you mention the discount to the server)!

Mercadito Latino (570 Sargent Ave)

South American cuisine has a pretty good reputation for vegan friendly options—just swap out the meat for beans. On top of that, Mercadito Latino has incredible charm with great service and authentic Salvadorian and Central American food. Make sure to try their fried cassava and tacos!

Oh Doughnuts (326 Broadway)

Oh Doughnuts is arguably one of the best doughnut shops in the city, and they’ve created some magical vegan doughnuts too. On top of the huge variety of donuts they offer, the donut sandwiches are phenomenal.

Corrientes Argentine Pizza (137 Bannatyne)

What’s better than the cozy and charming atmosphere of Corrientes paired with hot, fresh, and of course, vegan pizza? They’ve got some of the best homemade vegan cheese in town, and are flexible with other toppings.

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The Tallest Poppy (103 Sherbrook)

You’ll have no trouble finding vegan friendly dishes at Tallest Poppy. Their menu descriptions will say “but without the animals” or “it’s vegan” point blank. The vegan Caesar salad and Northern Fried Tofu sandwich are delicious options for lunch or dinner.

Copper Chimney (1070 St Mary's)

Copper Chimney is a cute spot with some great Indian food. If you call in advance, they will turn sizzling paneer (cheese) plates into sizzling tofu! Many other dishes can be swapped with vegan friendly ingredients too.

Kokeb (266 Edmonton St)

If you’re planning on eating at Kokeb, make sure you bring friends along for the shared dining experience. This Ethiopian restaurant has many vegetarian (and coincidentally) vegan dishes that you can choose from. To take in all of the incredible flavors Kokeb has to offer, try ordering the Veggie combo.

Affinity Vegetarian Garden (100-208 Edmonton Street)

Affinity Vegetarian Garden is one of  Winnipeg’s oldest all-vegetarian restaurants. They offer Taiwanese-Chinese dishes, including popular items like Chow Mein and Chili eggplant.

Falafel Place (1101 Corydon)

Falafel Place is the place to be if you want tasty Mediterranean food. Nearly half of their lunch menu is vegan, offering a variety of falafel plates and fresh soups, such as spicy bean, borscht, and green pea.

CocoBeans Bakeshop (774 Corydon)

This cute shop has got it all, from Chikn (tofu) fingers to sweet potato burgers to offering a vegan version of every single cake they make! CocoBeans is great for not only offering vegan options, but also gluten free items.

Cousin’s Deli (55 Sherbrook)

Cousin’s Deli is worth a visit just for their famous Veggie burger. It’s packed with incredible flavor from the chickpea patty and tamarind sauce.

Delicious Restaurant (1467 Pembina)

This Chinese restaurant is completely vegetarian, which means there’s a lot of dishes that can easily be made vegan. Try out their deep fried tofu or vegetable fried rice!

Sorrentos (3900 Grant)

Sorrento’s may be one of Winnipeg’s longest running family restaurants, but that doesn’t mean they’re old school when it comes to having a diverse menu! They’ve included a vegan burger made with the “beyond meat” patty, and pizza with vegan-ized toppings!

Le Subs (1887 Portage)

Le Subs’ Vegetarian menu is actually entirely vegan too. The star of most of their sandwiches and noodle dishes is tofu, and it's infused with tangy, irresistible flavor!

Stella’s (8 Locations)

At this point, Stella’s is a Winnipeg favorite for their comfort food and breezy environment. They have vegan options for breakfast, mains, and dessert (an extra rich chocolate cake), so you can easily have an entire vegan meal there.

Buccacino’s (155 Osborne)

Buccacino’s is your typical Italian joint…that also offers vegan pepperoni and mozzarella/cheddar blends! It’s definitely a contender for a family dinner out with relatives that have pickier palates--everyone will be happy.

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