Where prominent 'Peggers Eat: Power 97's Power Mornings' Co-Host, Randy Parker  - Chef Rami Aboumrad of Baraka feeding pita pockets into the natural gas oven (PCG)

Chef Rami Aboumrad of Baraka feeding pita pockets into the natural gas oven (PCG)

By: Randy Parker November 10, 2017 //

Today we are picking back up our "Where Prominent 'Peggers" eat segment, which features recommendations from Winnipeg media personalities, with Power 97's Randy Parker

This born and raised Winnipeger has three prime cuts for you, including everyone's favourite Lebanese restaurant, The Exchange District's most-classically British of pubs, and St. Vital's newest restaurant which is continuing to collect rave reviews. 

So without further ado:

Baraka Pita Bakery (1783 Main Street)

I would call it a hidden gem, but it’s not so hidden anymore. When you’ve got good food the word spreads quickly! 

I first discovered this place about nine years ago when my step mom brought home chicken shawarmas after work. That was my very first shawarma. Fast forward quite a few years and many shawarmas later, I still can’t find anything as good as Baraka.

The shawarma, of course, is delicious. Also, grab a pita pocket while you’re there. The spinach and garlic sauce is a heavenly mixture. 

King’s Head Pub (120 King Street)

Ah the King’s Head. Immediately, Cajun chicken pasta, live music, and college come to mind. My first day at Red River, the Exchange District campus, there was a giant mixer on the top floor of the King’s Head. After that, you couldn’t get me out of that place! We’d grab lunch there and always have a few drinks before going back to class. 

It’s by far one of my favourite places to go in the city. The staff is super friendly and the food always hits the spot. Not to mention, it’s the perfect place to stomp your craving for some Indian food!

Harth Mozza & Wine Bar (1-980 Street Anne's Road)

With so many incredible spots to eat in Winnipeg, it’s nice to try out as many as possible. Recently I ate at Harth Mozza & Wine Bar for the first time and I intend to make it a regular spot.

Stone-fired pizzas, meatballs, and a fantastic wine list; this place is great. Not to mention the beautiful décor.

I used to be a person who didn’t stray from what I knew; restaurants included. But if that were still the case I would never discover places like Harth. If you have some authentic Italians in your circle of friends, this place is sure to impress them. Oh, and if zesty chickpeas and octopus served cold sounds weird to you, order the grilled octopus salad. It is sort of weird, but man, it’s delicious.

(Photo is of Randy Parker at Harth Mozza & Wine Bar)