RAW: almond 2014 -

RAW: almond 2014

By: PegCity GrubJanuary 23, 2014 // Food Tours

Today we welcome guest blogger Erin Bend, publicist for RAW: almond to dish on this one-of-a-kind culinary experience you can find Only in the Peg.

Not unlike many creative projects in Winnipeg, the story RAW:almond is rooted in community. A mutual friend introduced two creative people with neighouring Exchange District businesses. Over food and drink and into late nights, Mandel Hitzer and Joe Kalturnyk exchanged ideas and dreams for themselves and their community.

RAW:almond was born.

RAW:almond is an annual celebration of community and northern culture in the form of a temporary restaurant. Erected on the frozen confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, RAW:almond exists for a three week run (Jan 24-Feb 13) and offers an immersive celebration of Winnipeg winter with a focus on cuisine and design.

If anyone is conditioned to launch a hybrid pop-up of food and form over ice, it’s these two.

Prior to opening deer + almond in 2011, Hitzer, along with Cyrus Smith, introduced the term "pop-up" to Winnipeg’s food lexicon. The two chefs mounted a series of secret dinners that allowed them to explore their skills and introduce different concepts to food-loving locals.

Eerily enough, Joe Kalturnyk, Director at RAW:Gallery of Architecture and Design, also boasts a rich history of out-of-the-box projects, including popular pop-up art galleries.

The restaurant’s second incarnation, RAW:almond 2014, promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Hitzer has rallied his peers for what may be the hottest collection of culinary talent to ever grace one kitchen in this town.

BEN_KRAMER_JCY_ (5 of 11) (1)All RAW:almond 2013 chefs will return to the ice: Scott Bagshaw (Deseo Bistro), Adam Donnelly (Segovia), Aron Epp and Ben Kramer (Elements and Diversity Food Services), Tristan Foucault (Peasant Cookery), Mandel Hitzer (deer + almond), Eric Lee (Pizzeria Gusto), Alex Svenne (Bistro 7 1⁄4) and Talia Syrie (Tansi).

Newcomers to RAW:almond 2014 include locals: Kelly Cattani (Elements and Diversity Food Services), Jesse Friesen (Lobby on York), Luc Jean (Jane’s) and Edward Lam (Yujiro).

RAW:almond 2014 will also feature the imported talents of: Jason Barton-Browne (Teatro, Calgary), Ryan Lachaine (Houston, TX) and Vikram Vij (Vancouver-based Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and Food Network Canada personality).

And Kalturnyk has embodied the essence of this winter celebration in the form of RAW:almond 2014, which mimics an ice shard thrust up from beneath the surface. Kalturnyk delights in details and RAW:almond 2014 diners can anticipate many design elements, including a stunning lacquered burnt cedar table rigged to keep diners and dishes warm and toasty.

Search #riverpopup on Twitter for the latest developments. Contact deer + almond for ticket information at (204) 504-8562.

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