Igloo Ice Bar at Rudy's Eat and Drink now open - Rudy's is located here on Graham Avenue.

Rudy's is located here on Graham Avenue.

By: PegCity GrubFebruary 6, 2015 // Cocktails

Igloo ice bar at Rudy's Eat and Drink.
Welcome to Igloo ice bar at Rudy's Eat and Drink. (Photos by Robin Summerfield)

Rudy's Eat and Drink: Igloo Ice Bar
375 Graham Avenue (Manitoba Hydro Place)
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Twitter: @Rudys_Winnipeg

Something fantastic is happening in Winnipeg these days.

Our days of hibernating through winter are over. And it's about time. Sure it's cold, but cold can be fun too.

Enter Igloo Ice Bar. This ice lounge, complete with DJ, shot luge, arctic-inspired drinks and a 10-plus-foot long ice bar opens Friday February 6. Brought to you by the folks at Rudy's Eat and Drink, it's an incredible novelty but with real function. Why haven't we done this sooner, Winnipeg?

The full-service bar lives behind Rudy's in their existing patio space. On a preview night, a bunch of local media test drove the space. The lounge is protected by the elements, to a degree, by a tent. Mood lighting changes from blue to magenta to pink every few seconds. Drinks are served by parka and mukluk-wearing bartenders. An sofa, chair and table made of ice are part of the frosty decor too. A local ice maker made about 20 blocks of ice for the bar. A back bar made of ice that will hold bottles is still in production as is the shot luge.

This new winter patio is part of a bigger plan by the folks at Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. The organization is encouraging more area restaurants erect their own winter patios. Here are a few photos of Igloo. It's open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

It's a rad space that everyone should check out. So bundle up, have a cocktail on ice and embrace winter.

Igloo ice bar at Rudy's Eat and Drink.



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