On Screen Adventures: Winnipeg food gets its close-up - Frontal of Chez Sophie the only restaurant with a 1/2 million dollar washroom facility

Frontal of Chez Sophie the only restaurant with a 1/2 million dollar washroom facility

By: PegCity GrubDecember 11, 2014 // Food Tours

Chez Sophie's Sur La Pont
Chez Sophie (Photos by Robin Summerfield)

Winnipeg's food scene is getting a well deserved close-up. In the past three years, food and travel shows have carted their cameras to some of the city's most beloved restaurants to find out why the locals are so devoted. Now food lovers farther afield can learn why Winnipeg's food scene is worth crowing about.

Here's a snapshot of who's come to town:

You Gotta Eat Here, the Food Network's love letter to comfort food across Canada and farther afield, has visited Winnipeg several times. So far, the network has aired episodes with seven local eateries including Bistro Dansk, Blondies, Boon Burger Café, Diana's Gourmet Pizza, Red Top Drive-In and The Tallest Poppy (in its original Main Street location). More Winnipeg episodes have already been filmed but have not aired. The show has become a fan favourite and is currently in its fourth year of production.

Here's a link to the episode in season 2 featuring Kawaii Crêpe. Check the Food Network schedule to find out when You Gotta Eat Here airs.

Prairie Diner comes to Winnipeg via Saskatoon-based production company Zoot. Host Jody Peters takes viewers on a tour of Saskatchewan and Manitoba's most buzz-worthy restaurants. The series has wrapped shooting of its second season. Prairie Diner has shot episodes at Baked Expectations, Chez Sophie, Elements, Steve's Bistro, Deer + Almond, Unburger, Corrientes, Pimp my Rice and Fude. New episodes will air in 2015. So far, Prairie Diner can only be seen in Saskatchewan on City TV but you can watch episodes online here.

Fermiere pizza, Chez Sophie
Fermiere pizza, Chez Sophie

Chicken fried chicken at Deer + Almond.
Chicken fried chicken at Deer + Almond.

Deer + Almond
Deer + Almond

Roddy Seradilla's Pimp My Rice was featured on Prairie Diner. (Photos by Robin Summerfield)
Roddy Seradilla, owner Pimp My Rice

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