Quench: Autumn sippers at Earls - quench your thirst as this crew takes you into a whole new world of drinks

quench your thirst as this crew takes you into a whole new world of drinks

By: PegCity GrubOctober 7, 2014 // Cocktails

Earls cocktail Cabin Fever (Photos courtesy Earls)
Cabin Fever by Earls Kitchen + Bar (Photos courtesy Earls)

Earls Kitchen + Bar
Three locations in Winnipeg

Earls Main Street
191 Main Street
Neighbourhood: Downtown

Earls Polo Park
1455 Portage Avenue
Neighbourhood: St. James

Earls St. Vital
1215 St. Marys Road
Neighbourhood: St. Vital

Every drinking room. bar, lounge and pub has a personality.

The bar at Earls Main Street is outgoing and friendly, familiar and even a bit cheeky at times.

Patrons are a diverse mix of professionals, both young and mature, 20-somethings, singles and married types of every stripe.

The eclectic mix of people somehow works. The downtown Winnipeg hot spot is typically hopping with customers. But even with the magic formula for enduring popularity, Earls is always a work in progress.

The new Autumn 2014 cocktail menu is one ingredient in that formula. A team behind the bar, lead by the company's director mixologist Cameron Bogue, have come up with a fun, fantastical and fresh menu of Autumn sippers.

Cabin Fever is a velvety libation built with Crown Royal, tawny port, ginger, pineapple, fresh lemon and spiced bitters. It's served in a tin camp cup and topped with a pine cone and mint leaves for extra punch. Not a big fan of Crown Royal (sorry), I tried this with a bit of trepidation. My hesitation was unnecessary. It went down smooth and silky hitting subtle tangy notes.

Imagination materializes with the Mad Hatter's Tea Pot, a cocktail to share with four friends. Smirnoff vodka, pear, black tea, lemon juice and coconut water add up to a party in a pot. Served over dry ice, this cold potion 'steams' from the pot. The presentation is a show stopper and the drink is a star too. This pot definitely screams 'lady drink' and that's OK. (One can't really imagine four dudes pouring each other a spot of 'tea.' ) This luscious brew is light and lovely.

A visit to Earls cocktail menu must mention the company's signature Caesar. They're not reinventing the wheel here but this refreshment of vodka, clamato and spices always satisfies.

The new menu includes Earls' craft sodas, alcoholic-free cocktails and cocktails to impress like the above Mad Hatter and Cabin Fever. A smart wine list completes Earls' thirst quenching menu.

Earls Signature Caesar
Earls Signature Caesar

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