Review: Mordens' of Winnipeg - Morden's famous Russian mint chocolates

Morden's famous Russian mint chocolates

By: PegCity GrubJuly 29, 2014 // Winnipeg in the News

Russian Mints By Morden's of Winnipeg. (Photos by Robin Summerfield.)
Russian Mints By Mordens' of Winnipeg. (Photos by Robin Summerfield.)

Mordens' of Winnipeg
674 Sargent Avenue
Neighbourhood: West End

Winnipeggers love their chocolates.

Just ask Fred Morden.

His family has been making and selling their sweet treats, mixed nuts and a vast variety of chocolates since 1959. Morden began his life in chocolate as an eight-year-old helping out after school at his grandpa's shop. The shop expanded in 1982, taking over the adjacent space on Sargent Avenue. In 1985, Morden bought the business from his dad.

The company's Russian Mints are their prized creation, winning top prize in the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans in a field of 300 competitors.

It was well deserved. Their Russian Mints, still a top seller today, are a creamy, rich delight that begin melting as soon as it hits your tongue.

Inside their West End store and kitchen, staff pump out thousands upon thousands of chocolates each year. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day are the busiest times of the year.

Chocolate covered ginger and nuts of every description, chocolates, savoury and sweet chocolate combinations stock Mordens' shelves and case.

Of the many made-in-Winnipeg foodstuffs, Mordens' chocolates have a long and successful history as business leaders in the city.

Their chocolate also just tastes great. And whatever your favourite cocoa combination, there's a great chance Mordens' can feed your craving.

Co-owner Fred Morden
Mordens' of Winnipeg owner Fred Morden describes his life as a chocolatier.

Shoppers peruse the chocolate case inside Mordens' of Winnipeg.
Shoppers peruse the chocolate case inside Mordens' of Winnipeg.

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