News: Moveable Feast, third edition - A couple poses on the bike ride that will take them to many of Winnipeg's culinary attractions.

A couple poses on the bike ride that will take them to many of Winnipeg's culinary attractions.

By: PegCity GrubJuly 1, 2014 // Food Tours, Winnipeg in the News

Moveable Feast, June 2014. (Photos by Robin Summerfield.)
Moveable Feast, June 2014. (Photos by Robin Summerfield.)

If ever there was a case for staying home, June 19, 2014 was it.

It rained. Then it rained some more. Then it rained again.

It was wet. And when you thought the drizzle was letting up, the heavens opened up and unleashed an even more intense onslaught of rain.

That lousy weather didn't stop more than 30 food and cycling enthusiasts from hitting downtown Winnipeg streets for the third edition of Moveable Feast.

The cycling and eating tour has become a favourite among locals. That's because it's just a fantastic time—simple as that.

Just ask any of the soaked yet sated cyclists on the June 19th tour. They got into the spirit wearing colourful plastic leis, natty hats (underneath helmets) and in a few rare cases; tutus.

The tour made stops at: Little Sister Coffee Maker; Old Spaghetti Factory; Promenade Café and Wine; Chocolatier Constance Popp; Little Saigon; Waves Restaurant & Lounge; and Pony Corral.

Cyclists hit many of Winnipeg's great neighbourhoods along the way including: Osborne Village; the Forks; St. Boniface; Chinatown; and Downtown.

They worked off the calories they consumed. They started with coffee and then moved on to: minestrone soup with salad and bread; spring salad, bison tourtiere turnovers and basil lemonade; Manitobar bits; salad rolls, salt and pepper egg plant and yams; butter chicken and rice; and shmoo torte.

It was basically a buffet on bikes. Despite the wet weather, the temperature was warm making the conditions more bath like than monsoon.

The scene was jovial. Camaraderie was key as the mass of cyclists maneuvered along cycle paths and through city streets.

Fun and frivolity ruled.

We caught one woman—with beautiful multi-coloured locks—dancing in puddles while she stood guard over the bikes in Chinatown.

The tutu and lei girls added laughter and levity to the mix. And everyone joined this unspoken brotherhood of biking (aka sisterhood of cycling).

For locals, Moveable Feast has become a popular option on Winnipeg's ever-expanding food tour scene. Whether you're from Winnipeg or just visiting, it's also a great way to explore the city and discover some kick-butt neighbourhoods.

The next Moveable Feast is September 27, 2014. Tickets cost just $35 each, which is an incredible bargain for the experience and food.

The September tour takes riders through downtown, the Forks, St. Boniface and the Exchange District.

For more information visit the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ page here.

Register online here or if you're having difficulties e-mail the BIZ folks at

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from our wet night on June 19.








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