Le Croissant: French bakery fantastique -

Le Croissant: French bakery fantastique

By: PegCity GrubMarch 21, 2014 // Bakery, French

Le Croissant, the star of the show. (photo by robin summerfield.)
Le Croissant, the star of the show. (Photo by Robin Summerfield.)

Le Croissant
Address: 276 Tache Avenue
Phone Number: 204-237-3536
Neighbourhood: St. Boniface

Winnipeg is blessed with some fantastic and authentic French bakeries and France-trained pastry chefs. We have L'Epi de Ble on Main Street, The Frenchway on Lilac Street and Café Ce Soir on Portage Avenue, among others.

In St. Boniface, Le Croissant is the local patisserie of note. This family-owned operation is a true bakery experience. An L-shaped counter dominates the room. French is the first language in this counter service bakery. Staff also speak English, so you'll get your fresh-baked buns, bread and sweets regardless.

Le Croissant was named one of enRoute magazine's Top 100 Restaurants in Canada even though it isn't technically a restaurant. The fresh baked breads, croissants, baguettes, cookies and other sweets deserve their place in the sun.

Owners Jerome and Fabienne Boulanger, who both hail from Alsace, France, opened the bakery in 2005 after immigrating to Winnipeg.

They have since built a strong business providing breads, baguettes and other baked goods to restaurants throughout Winnipeg.

A trip to the 'factory' in St. Boniface is a must though, where the true bakery experience awaits. Fresh baked breads, baguettes and their signature croissants should be on every food-lover's bucket list.

The croissants taste even better when a friend shows up unexpectedly at your home with a paper bag loaded with three of the buttery horns.

They were flaky, tender and baked to golden perfection. Purists will say 'eat them naked.' I ripped off pieces and alternately dipped one in homemade strawberry jam and honey. That croissant didn't stand a chance.

Buttery, flaky and divine croissant at Le Croissant. (photo by robin summerfield)
Buttery, flaky and divine croissant at Le Croissant. (Photo by Robin Summerfield)

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