Winnipeg's food class: Meet the movers - This elk, with make you yelp with enough of a flavour punch it'll knock your teeth out.

This elk, with make you yelp with enough of a flavour punch it'll knock your teeth out.

By: PegCity GrubDecember 5, 2013 // Food Tours

Winnipeg is emerging as a food city worth noting. When it comes to our food cred, Winnipeg may be small, but we have heart. And talent. And creativity. Oh, and drive too.

That is all thanks to the efforts of many of the city's passionate food leaders who put their money where their mouths are and in turn put it to our mouths.

Here are just a few of Winnipeg's outstanding food folks and where to find the fruits of their labour. PCG will profile more Winnipeg food movers and shakers in upcoming posts.


Mandel Hitzer: co-owner and chef at Deer + Almond, co-creator of RAW/ Almond dinner on ice, secret dinner host, no-is-not-in-his-vocabulary.
Hitzer is one of Winnipeg's most exciting chefs. Most days you'll find him at Deer + Almond, an immensely popular fusion-food diner in the Exchange District. (Check out PCG's review here.) On his off days he's cooking up big schemes to bolster Winnipeg's food scene and its reputation nationally and internationally. With architect Joe Kalturnyk, Hitzer created RAW/ Almond, a pop-up restaurant at the forks the frozen Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

Nils Vik: design-guru and coffee aficionado behind Parlour Coffee and Little Sister Coffee Maker
Nils Vik started a trend in Winnipeg. He introduced Winnipeggers to a new kind of coffee and coffee shop culture. His Main Street (Exchange District) coffee emporium—a beautiful, high-gloss meeting place set inside a century-old building— attracts the city's creative and business classes. There's no wi-fi and limited seating inside Parlour and that's the point. It encourages conviviality with friends and strangers. And the coffee is fantastic too. His new venture, Little Sister Coffee Maker (with his sister-in-law Vanessa Stachiw) in Osborne Village reflects the same sensibilities. Check out PCG's reviews on Parlour Coffee and Little Sister.

Nathalie and Gilles Gautier: France ex-pats, purveyors of pastries, masters of macarons and owners of L'Epi de blé Every day, this husband and wife team get up before sunrise to make some of Winnipeg's best breads, pastries, croissants and their signature macarons. Their north Main Street patisserie L'Epi de Blé is a hopping hot spot for folk who think nothing of coming from all corners of the city to snatch up fresh-from-the-oven goodies. The chocolate croissant with almond cream is beyond fantastic. Insider's tip: Don't leave your bun run until afternoon. The pastries are baked fresh daily and can sell-out by mid-to-late afternoon. Check out PCG's review here.

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