Dalat: Fantastic Vietnamese and Chinese find -

Dalat: Fantastic Vietnamese and Chinese find

By: PegCity GrubNovember 13, 2013 // Chinese, Vietnamese

Dalat Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine
Dalat Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine

Address: Unit 2-1170 Taylor Avenue
Phone Number: 204-895-8585 or 204-895-3222
Neighbourhood: Grant Park
Website: none

Peg City Grub publishes posts about Winnipeg's food scene twice a week. Like any pursuit, some weeks you have it and some weeks you don't.

This week felt like a 'don't have it week.' That's when life needs a shake-up.

For food bloggers like PCG, that means going on a random, unplanned food adventure in an atypical neighbourhood. The rules are simple: hop in your car; drive to a neighbourhood you're not familiar with; and pick a restaurant.

In short, that's how I ended up at Dalat, a Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant located in a light-industrial area in a pie-sliced piece of land east of Pembina Highway in Grant Park.

My game of restaurant roulette (at least that's what I call it) paid off.

Dalat blew me away. Vietnamese favourites like vermicelli soups, spicy satays get tasty due while Chinese staples like moo-shu, chop suey, egg foo yung and chow miens and chow fans round out this 188-item menu.

After devouring four-crepes worth of moo-shu chicken dripping in hoisin sauce and dusted with crushed peanuts, we turned our tummies to the huge bowl of deluxe vermicelli loaded with shaved pork, chicken, shrimp and crisp-fresh broccoli, carrots. water chestnuts, choys and celery. A pile of vermicelli noodles lay beneath.

The soup hits that sweet spots of fresh and light, yet filling. On careful consideration, it's the perfect soup to perk up during the winter blahs or hammer a cold or flu into oblivion.

The only downside to Dalat: Not bringing more people to feast on more dishes.

Dalat is a perfect place to bring a crew of family and friends or teammates after a game.

Dalat has actually been in business for 25 years. The business moved from its original location on Sargent Avenue eight years ago. The new location is bright, modern and airy with very high ceilings and exposed ducts.

Service is very friendly and helpful. During our visit, loads of Dalat regulars came in and were greeted with smiles and a quick word.

Moo-shu Chicken, Dalat
Moo-shu Chicken, Dalat

Deluxe vermicelli at Dalat.
Deluxe vermicelli at Dalat.

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