Meet the neighbours: Winnipeg's top food and urban life blogs -

Meet the neighbours: Winnipeg's top food and urban life blogs

By: PegCity GrubNovember 7, 2013 // Food Tours

Full Belly, Worn Soles
Full Belly, Worn Soles

Peg City Grub published its first story on February 12, 2012.

The post, about Main Street's Parlour Coffee, was the beginning of what PCG hoped (and still hopes) would be a long, fun adventure in Winnipeg's ever-evolving food scene.

That first post and the 170 that have come since have one thing in common: spotlighting and ultimately supporting the Winnipeg food and restaurant scene.

Today PCG has nearly 4,000 followers on Twitter and a growing Facebook presence.

Winnipeg is home to an emerging top-notch food and restaurant scene.

The same can be said for the local food blogging community.

PCG is an avid follower, reader and supporter of several local food and lifestyle bloggers. My interest is simple. Number one, it's good to keep an eye on the competition and two, these blogs are fun, fantastic and informative. Plus, there are great food pictures.

With that in mind, here are a few Winnipeg-based food and urban life blogs worth checking out.

Full Belly Worn Soles
The name of this Winnipeg produced blog says it all: Food and travel. While Full Belly, Worn Soles is dedicated to travel afar, a section on local adventures in food and life in Manitoba, stands out as one of the city's most charming sites celebrating the 'staycation.'

Feels Like the First Time
For one year, two local 20-somethings did one, new thing every day. They volunteered at a Winnipeg Blue Bomber game, went to a Renaissance fair, took in a bison safari and ate at a ton of local restaurants, documenting their daily adventures along the way.

Sarah Zaharia
Sarah Zaharia is a girl about town. She's an avowed foodie, passionate supporter of local restaurants and one heck of a social butterfly. She's also been known to throw a great party and is well-connected in Winnipeg's food scene. That all adds up to one terrific blog about the city. Food and drink, style and shopping are her fortés.

Sarah Zaharia (Courtesy
Sarah Zaharia (Courtesy

Shel Zolkewich
Shel Zolkewich is a food lover, traveller, writer, photographer, fisher, hunter and probably gatherer too. She does it all. Zolkewich also cans, preserves and even crock pots. Those are just the talents we can see. In between writing upteem freelance food and travel stories, Zolkewich documents her adventures on her fun and functional blog. P.S. The photography is stunning.

Shel Zolkewich (Photo courtesy
Shel Zolkewich (Photo courtesy

Food Musings
Written by Kathryne Grisim, hits sweet and serious notes with food and travel posts, tid-bits about Winnipeg's food scene and discussions about serious issues like food security. Grisim offers practical information for families navigating meal time, restaurant tips and food adventures she has taken.

Kathryne Grisim (Photo courtesy
Kathryne Grisim (Photo courtesy

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