Winnipeg's Perogy Fix -

Winnipeg's Perogy Fix

By: PegCity GrubOctober 22, 2013 // Diner

Perogies with onions and bacon at Sonya's.
Perogies with onions and bacon at Sonya's.

Winnipeg (and indeed Manitoba) is home to scores of multi-generation Ukrainians. For born and bred locals, at least one home cooked meal over the years, whether at friends or family, was likely to include perogies.

Stuffed with potato and cheddar, cottage cheese and sauerkraut these pastry pockets can be fried or boiled and are typically served with sour cream. In other words, perogies aren't haute cuisine. Spice, other than a little salt and pepper, is shunned. The plainer, the better.

Winnipeg has deep Ukrainian and eastern European roots. Many immigrants landed in the province decades ago, bringing their cuisine and food culture with them. In Winnipeg, there are many restaurants and markets that dish and sell perogies.

Here are a few local spots worth a perogy trip.

Sonya's Restaurant
190 Henderson Highway
Neighbourhood: Elmwood

Sonya's boiled perogies with grilled onions and crispy bacons bits are a must. (Perogies can be either boiled or deep fried.) The pockets of cheddar and potato were loaded with sour cream on the side to complete this stomach-stretching meal.

Chaise Café and Lounge
271 Provencher Boulevard
Neighbourhood: St. Boniface

Mondays are all-you-can eat perogy night at this St. Boniface-area restaurant and lounge. Look for nouveau fillings inside the perogies, all masterfully made by chef Jason Sopel.

Jessie's Kitchen
60 Whellams Lane
Neighbourhood: North Kildonan

Jessie's Ukrainian Kitchen and Deli is an unabashed homage to old-country cooking. Potato pancakes, borscht, kolbassa and cabbage rolls make this menu. Perogy fillings include: potato and cheddar cheese, potato and cottage cheese, and sauerkraut.

Yudyka's Ukrainian Food
122-1 Forks Market Road
Neighbourhood: The Forks

This food kiosk at The Forks Market serves all the Ukrainian classics, including heaping helpings of perogies.

Luda's Deli
410 Aberdeen Avenue
Neighbourhood: North End

This North End diner sells (surprise, surprise) North End style perogies which can be fried or boiled with Kolbassa or bacon. Insider's tip: go for boiled. Bring cash. No debit or credit accepted.

Mmmm perogies. Photo by

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