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By: PegCity GrubAugust 27, 2013 // Burgers

Market Burger
Market Burger

Market Burger
Address: 645 Corydon Avenue
Phone Number: 204-505-2510
Website: none
Neighbourhood: Corydon Avenue (Little Italy)

As Winnipeg's newest burger joint, Market Burger is under a lot of pressure to get things right.

After all, this prairie city has loads of great burger joints with loads of faithful customers. Some of Winnipeg's most popular burger spots include Mrs. Mike's, VJ's, Daly Burger, The Burger Place and Unburger. (Lobby on York makes one fantastic steak sandwich that must be mentioned too.) Everyone has their favourite.

Market Burger opened in July on Corydon Avenue, a buzzing restaurant, shopping and entertainment district that has long been known as Little Italy. Market Burger has an immediate advantage in the local restaurant industry: it has a rooftop patio overlooking Corydon.

The new burger palace has a concise and creative menu which was developed by Bistro 7 1/4 owner/chef Alex Svenne, who was tapped for the job in early 2013.

Market Burger could just as easily be called Manitoba Burger. The menu is a medley of all-Manitoba ingredients.

Inside the dining room, a floor to ceiling chalkboard lists all the Manitoba food producers Market Burger uses to source its ingredients. It's a not a menu, it's a manifesto.

Produce is from Neva Farms, buns come from Stella's Bakery and Gunn's, Heritage Farms sends chicken while Harbourside Farms supply pork. Grass-fed beef comes from two family farms and all desserts are made at Lilac Bakery on Grosvenor at Stafford.

Guests can choose from several signature burgers including Butter Chicken, Sun (a veggie creation by Underground Café), Black Bean (vegan and gluten free), Mac n' Cheese and All-Day Breakfast, among others. For an extra jolt of carbs, dig into a sharesy-sized plate of house-made fries that taste like potatoes. Insider's tip: Get the ketchup. It's house-made, fresh and tomatoey. You can actually spot a few tomato seeds within. It is like no other ketchup you've tasted. Seriously.

If none of the signature burgers strike your fancy, customize your burger picking ingredients from a lengthy but thoughtful list of accompaniments like cucumber relish, bacon, cheese by Bothwell, house-made ketchup, grilled mushrooms and loads more.

Any burger can be ordered 'skinny' with a smaller patty and thinner bun. This is good to know because Market Burger doesn't skimp on serving size, skinny or not.

We tucked into an all-day breakfast burger, which could also be called Porkapolooza. A slab/ patty of farmers' sausage stars in this big beast. Hashbrowns, creamy white gravy and a fried egg finish this burger. Smoky sweetness infused every bite of pork.

Next up was a DIY burger we made with beef, cucumber relish, gouda by Bothwell, bacon and lettuce. It was the hit on the table. There's nothing quite like the simplicity of a grilled beef burger with a few accoutrements for extra flair. It was juicy, tender and loaded with real beef flavour. Grass-fed beef is really unbeatable when it come to burgers. Besides some diced white onions, no other fillers could be spotted.

Market Burger, Winnipeg's newest kid on the block, deserves a place on the city's roster of great burger joints.

All-Day Breakfast Burger at Market Burger
All-Day Breakfast Burger at Market Burger

French fries at Market Burger
French fries at Market Burger

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