Original George's Burger & Subs: Half Litre Shake and then some - Oh. Yeah.

Oh. Yeah.

By: PegCity GrubAugust 20, 2013 // Burgers

Chocolate milkshake at George's
Half litre chocolate milkshake at Original George's.

Original George's Burger & Subs
Address: 1141 St. Mary's Road
Phone Number: 204-257-3856
Neighbourhood: St. Vital
Website: none

Even with its billing as a half-litre milkshake, when it arrives, one is easily taken aback by volume and size.

Original George's milkshake is a monster, a behemoth and a giant among milk, ice and whipped cream concoctions.

Sure, size matters but it's what you do with it that really counts.

In the case of George's, he knows how to make a magnificent milkshake.

It's thick: serious straw sucking required.

It's creamy: a luscious pillow of whipped cream crowns this dream.

It's chocolately but not CHOCOLATELY: that divine bean is used with restraint. You won't be knocked senseless by cloying sweet cocoa.

It's decadent: drizzles of chocolate syrup painted inside the glass slowly intermingle with the malted menagerie.

This one-litre, three-friend treat costs $4.45 a pop and also comes in vanilla, banana and strawberry.

George's isn't just about shakes. This family-owned diner-style restaurant is, as billed, a burger and subs joint but it also serves Greek favourites like souvlaki and gyros. Five spaghetti plates and one lasagne are also on the menu. Breakfast standards like omelettes, pancakes and French toast are served daily until 2 p.m.

House-made patties elevate George's burgers. They're juicy, tender and beefy, as burgers should be. If there were fillers (bread crumbs and egg), they were hard to detect. Crispy, skin-on fries tasted like actual potatoes.

A plate of al dente spaghetti was topped with a robust and tomatoey ground beef meat sauce. A touch of heat added extra flair to this straight-up but hands-down delicious pasta.

Chunks of lightly seasoned grilled chicken, shredded lettuce and a creamy garlic-laden tzatziki come standard in the chicken souvlaki. Raw white onions are also on board. (A few too many for my tastes, to be honest.)

Insiders tip: Post-souvlaki breath mints are a must.

Original George's (not to be confused with the Morris, Manitoba location) has just undergone renovations and a decor refresher. Three dining rooms (including a lounge off the kitchen) have received fresh coats of paint and some new tables and booths.

Last word: Original George's serves up no surprises and that's just fine because sometimes the world just needs a decent burger, a stick-to-your-ribs meat sauce and spaghetti and one damn fine chocolate milkshake.

Who do you think serves the best milkshake in Winnipeg?

Spaghetti and meat sauce at Original George's.
Spaghetti and meat sauce at Original George's.

Chicken souvlaki at Original George's.
Chicken souvlaki at Original George's.

Original George's Burger & Subs
Original George's Burger & Subs.

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