Best Eats 2013: so far, so great - mmm!


By: PegCity GrubJuly 16, 2013 // Winnipeg in the News

Hey Winnipeg food lovers! It's time to take stock of 2013's best bites of the year, so far.

Personally, I like to reflect about every six months or so about the most memorable meals or dishes I've had.

Here's a photo gallery of some of the fantastic foods (and one not so great) I've devoured since January. (I've also linked to past PCG posts featuring the restaurants.)

Fusion Grill's smoked Arctic char with solberry creme fraiche topped with golden caviar on a savoury waffle
fusion grill smoked pike

Dulce de leche gelato at Eva's Gelato
dulce de leche gelati at Eva's Gelati

This cafe latté at Thom Bargen
Cafe Latte at Thom Bargen

Tofu and mixed vegetables at Kim Sang
tofu with black bean sauce at Kim Sang

Tartiflette at Chez Sophie
Tartiflette at Chez Sophie

Macarons at L'Epi de blé
macarons at L'Epi de Ble

House-made hot sauces at JC Tacos and More House-made hot sauces at JC Tacos and More

Chicha Morada at La Rica Vicky (iced purple corn juice with frozen pineapple chunks)
Chicha Morada at La Rica Vicky

New style sushi at Wasabi on Broadway
new style sushi at Wasabi on Broadway

Most disturbing number of meatballs in one place: IKEA
meatballs at IKEA

Most anticipated new eats: A juicy burger from Local Burger, the soon to be opened burger joint at 645 Corydon Avenue.

Tell me your favourite eats so far this year! Tweet me @PegCityGrub on Twitter, leave a comment here or e-mail me at good Send a photo too and you could win a PegCityGrub T-shirt.