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Segovia entrance

By: PegCity GrubJuly 2, 2013 // South American

Wine at Segovia
First course at Segovia.

Americano at Segovia
Last course at Segovia.Segovia

Address: 484 Stradbrook Avenue Phone Number: 204-477-6500
Neighbourhood: Osborne Village

Segovia is one of Winnipeg's best restaurants. From the first course (wine) to the last course (an Americano) magic happens. Chef Adam Donnelly is the wizard.

His Spanish tapas bar has earned legions of fans. Many locals tout Segovia as Winnipeg's best restaurant.

Others agree. In 2012, the Osborne Village hot spot made Maclean's list of top-50 restaurants in Canada.

Donnelly and his wife Carolina have set a high bar for other city kitchens. Segovia could easily make the hit list of New York City restaurants.

Imagination, creativity and risk are at work in the mind of Chef Donnelly. The 30-something cook takes simple ingredients and finesses flavours. His dressings and sauces compel eaters to play a game of 'what's in that.'

Eating at Segovia is a rapturous delight for food lovers. The key is to bring friends who love to share plates, are adventurous eaters and appreciate the art of a slow meal punctuated by sips of wine, divine nibbles and long conversations.

Foodies will have many 'a-ha' moments while tasting Donnelly's plates. Like all great restaurants, he uses fresh, local ingredients; cooks what's in season; but also embraces ingredients not found in these parts (including lobster, crab and serrano ham, for starters).

On a recent visit, four of us polished off 10 dishes and 2 desserts during a two-and-a-half hour feast.

We made short work of a smoked char and lentil salad loaded with lentils, huge pecans and pickled onions. It was simply dressed with tzaziki and fresh dill. The blur of courses included lobster salad (a special of the day), tortilla Espanola topped with heaps of piquillo peppers, traditional potatas bravas with tomato aioli and a chocolate pretzel tart with cardamon ice cream. (The cardamon ice cream was eye-rollingly fantastic.)

Service is also worth a mention. Segovia has a team of food-afficianados caring for customers. Ask any food or wine question and they don't hesitate with the answer. They make skilled recommendations and diners never have to wait for food or service.

The only thing you may have to wait for is a table. Segovia doesn't take reservations. Get there early for Friday and Saturday nights. On weekdays, it's much easier to find a table on your timetable.

If you want to impress any visitors to Winnipeg, bring them to Segovia and make your own magic moments.

Menu at Segovia
Take your pick of Segovia's desserts.

Smoked Char, Lentils, Tzaziki, Pecans, Pickled Onion at Segovia
Smoked char, lentils, tzaziki, pecans and pickled onion at Segovia.

Tortilla EspaƱola, Aioli, Piquillo Peppers at Segovia
Tortilla EspaƱola with aioli and piquillo peppers at Segovia.