Midway Eats: Red River Exhibition 2013 -

Midway Eats: Red River Exhibition 2013

By: PegCity GrubJune 17, 2013 // Food Tours

Red River Ex Midway
Photo courtesy Red River Exhibition.

Red River Exhibition
June 14 to 23, 2013
Address: 3977 Portage Avenue (just west of the Perimeter)
Phone Number: 204-888-6990
Neighbourhood: Outskirts of Winnipeg

So annual carnivals and fairs held on glorified parking lots don't exactly scream fine-dining. In a lot of cases, calling it 'good eats' would be even be stretch.

But who cares?

Summer exhibitions aren't about culinary excellence. If anything they're gut-defying adventures. In the case of Winnipeg's Red River Exhibition, those eat-ventures include seasoned swirly spuds on a stick, deep-fried pickles and 15 kinds of poutine.

Danny's Whole Hog will also be on the scene for another year serving, pulled pork ciabatta, pulled pork or turkey taco sliders, Philly cheese steak and pulled pork perogies, to name just a few menu items. Salty, crisp and yes, greasy homemade kettle chips are a must try.

Following Winnipeg's recent influx of Mexican eateries, south-of-the-border cuisine is expected to be a big hit on the midway. Easy-to-eat street food like tacos, burritos and mexi fries will be sold at the fare. Fair-goers with gluten issues won't be ignored. Gluten-free tacos, breakfast burritos and nachos will feed those special eaters.

New food for the Red River Ex's 2013 edition includes the aforementioned deep-fried pickles and deep-fried pies. Pick from one of four flavours including apple, peach, blueberry and raspberry.

For something even a little more outside-the-box, try Mini-Melts, cryogenically frozen ice cream.

Meanwhile, Salt Spring Noodle Bar will load its boxes with a choice of teriyaki, pad Thai, Malaysian peanut and Thai chow mein.

Long-time fair favourites will also be back in 2013. Look for Corn on the Curb, turkey legs, fresh-squeezed lemonade, burgers, fries and mini-donuts.

And if none of that hits the spot, head for the cotton candy and candy apples for a classic fair treat.

Friends on the Red River Ex Midway
Photo courtesy Red River Exhibition.