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By: PegCity GrubJune 3, 2013 // Winnipeg in the News

Lange's Pastry Shop's sugar and shortbread cookies
Lange's Pastry Shop's sugar and shortbread cookies.

Lange's Pastry Shop/ All About Cakes
Address: 710 Ellice Avenue
Phone Number: 204-783-5239
Neighbourhood: West End

Address: Unit 10-1604 St. Mary's Road
Phone Number: 204-505-2252
Neighbourhood: St. Vital

Lange's Pastry Shop (aka All About Cakes) isn't exactly a tourist destination. The long-time West End business is located about 15 blocks west of downtown in a easy-to-miss sidewalk strip mall. But that strip also happens to be home to a butcher shop. In less than 100 steps, one can satisfy a sweets and meats craving.

Cookies were on my mind. Lange's fulfilled my desire. Sugar, shortbread and nougat cookies load one entire pastry case and come in a variety of flavours. (The other case is stocked with a variety of circa yummy looking, circa1950s slices—the kinds your grandmother would have baked.)

Chocolate chip, traditional sugar with sprinkles, chocolate-dipped, chocolate sprinkled, a black and white and lemon-poppy seed cookies all beg to be eaten.

Many of the baked beauties have delicately scalloped edges reminiscent of daisy petals. Pretty yes, but how do Lange's cookies stack up?

The good news? Lange's bakers go easy on the sugar, so there's no sweet overload.

The bad news? It's tempting to eat cookie after cookie without much thought.

More bad news? Many of the cookies cost 70 cents each or $7 for a dozen. You won't make it out of Lange's without at least half a dozen.


Traveller's tip: The West End is a melting pot of multi-cultural cuisine. (Vietnamese, Ethiopian, East Indian, Greek, Manitoba Regional cuisine, French slow food, sticky buns and locally made chocolates are just a few of the choices. For a restaurant guide click here.)

Lange's Pastry Shop
Lange's Pastry Shop

Wedding Cakes inside Lange's Pastry Shop.
Wedding Cakes inside Lange's Pastry Shop.