Winnipeg Hot Chocolate Odyssey: Haute Chocolate - For best results, induce mild-hypothermia in order to feel the warm release of this wonderfully crafted winter sipper.

For best results, induce mild-hypothermia in order to feel the warm release of this wonderfully crafted winter sipper.

By: PegCity GrubNovember 27, 2012 // Food Tours


Callebaut chocolate and a dash of chill spice dress up Dessert Sinsation's hot chocolate

It's minus 15C outside, winter is quickly approaching, and the snow is falling yet again. Those are more than enough reasons to drop everything and hit the road on a hot-chocolate odyssey. So with a couple of tasters in tow, that's what Peg City Grub tackled on a recent snowy weekday.

Turns out, hot chocolate is a hot ticket in Winnipeg. Many local eateries, bakeries, coffee shops and chocolatiers take their cocoa very seriously. Hints of cinnamon and all-spice, dairy-fresh cream, artisan chocolate within and on top in shavings or sauce add extra pizzazz to the local chocolate concoctions.

These haute chocolates deliver dense, rich cocoa but with more sophisticated layers of flavour. You'll find yourself looking to your table mates and asking, ‘what spice is that?' With that in mind, here are a few local hot chocolates worth checking out:

For a satisfying, retro hot chocolate, head to Espresso Junction at the Johnston Terminal. Topped with full-fat whipped cream and drizzled with loads of chocolate sauce, the only thing missing is a cherry on top. Great views of The Forks ice skating rink (and in December, the river ice trail) elevate a winter hot chocolate adventure.

Dessert Sinsations whips together a rapturous Callebaut chocolate and crushed chili spice in their Mexican-inspired drinkable dessert. Shaved white and dark chocolate tops fresh whipped cream on this drink. Two sips and you're guaranteed tongue tingles in this melody of sweet and spicy. A spoon is essential to tackle this tall treat. As the chocolate and whipped cream mix and mingle, a frothy volcano oozes over the lip of the cup.

hotchocolate_humanbeanPucker up for a hot chocolate “Cherry Kiss” at Human Bean Coffee & Tea Company. Dark chocolate and a splash of cherry syrup dress up this traditional hot cocoa. A spike of fruit delivers dimension and extra sweetness.

With more time and a bigger appetite, here are a few other sweet cocoa stops to make in Winnipeg:

The Fyxx on Broadway, Mountain Bean Coffee Company on Henderson Highway and La Rica Vicky on Sargent Avenue also serve noteworthy hot chocolates.

Insider's tip: Constance Popp Chocolatier also serves hot chocolate every Saturday. (On Saturday Dec. 1, hot chocolate will be served for free in honour of the shop's fifth anniversary.)

Dessert Sinsations
Address: 505B St. Mary Avenue
Phone Number: 204-284-4661

Espresso Junction
Address: The Forks, Johnston Terminal
Phone Number: 204-949-9599

Human Bean Coffee & Tea Shop
Address: 1 Forks Market
Phone Number: 204-947-3777

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