Taste the World: Local Restaurants Host August Lunch Specials - Amazing, simply amazing. This will warm you in an instant. You

Amazing, simply amazing. This will warm you in an instant. You

By: PegCity GrubAugust 2, 2012 // Winnipeg in the News


Raman noodles at Elements is a deceivingly hearty meal in a bowl. Fresh-cut carrots, and choy cool the heat in this spicy Asian-influenced soup.

Aside from fast-food joints, it's hard to find lunch for less than 10 bucks these days.

That's why it's such a treat when the Taste the World dining promotion comes around for another year.

The annual August event celebrates the city's rich ethnic cuisine and cultural diversity. This year, 19 city restaurants are each offering special $10 lunches throughout the month.

Winnipeg-based Ciao! magazine is behind the month-long feast, which also coincides with Folklorama, Winnipeg's annual cultural festival. The magazine publishes six times a year and highlights the best in Winnipeg's food and restaurant industry.

This year, Taste the World participants include some of the city's top restaurants and many new eateries on the Winnipeg food scene. Arkadash, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant, Corrientes, an Argentinean pizza parlour, and Rudy's Eat & Drink , a retro-contemporary steakhouse, are new city restaurants and new to Taste the World.

"Taste the World encourages locals to enrich their summer experience by tasting and celebrating the city's multiculturalism each day at lunch," says Ciao! magazine publisher Laurie Hughes.

This year, taste cuisine from 13 different types of ethnic cuisine from countires such as Uruguay, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain and Greece, among others. Manitoba regional cuisine and modern ethnic fusion food are also on the menu. The promotion is a great way to sample ethnic cuisines at an affordable price point.

Some of the lunches include lemon dijon chicken, Turkish beef kabobs, braised short ribs with chimichurri, Indonesian beef satay, ramen noodles, roast ginseng-fed Manitoba chicken.

Participating restaurants are located in neighbourhoods throughout the city including downtown, the Exchange District, the Forks, Corydon Avenue, Academy, River Heights, Osborne and St. James.

Here's a full list of this year's participating restaurants. Click on a restaurant to see its Taste the World menu.

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