Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano: Primo Italian Cuisine - Garlic Linguine Alfredo-to die for...

Garlic Linguine Alfredo-to die for...

By: PegCity GrubJune 26, 2012 // Italian


Cannelloni e carne is loaded with milk-fed Montreal veal, ricotta and mozarella and smothered in robust and vibrant tomato sauce.

Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano
Address: 1697 Corydon Avenue
Phone: 204-488-3687
Neighbourhood: River Heights

There's something incredibly comforting and familiar about classic Italian food.

Mona Lisa's Ristorante Italiano is committed to traditional Italian cuisine, like house-made pastas, pizzas, risotto and chicken cacciatore, among many other favourites.

But classic, in this case, doesn't mean boring or blasé.

Mona Lisa's has been in business more than 28 years. In the fickle and fast-paced restaurant biz, that's practically ancient. The family-owned eatery's longevity is a testament to their attention to detail, commitment to their customers and ability to deliver classic Italian cuisine that doesn't rest on its laurels.

Located in River Heights, just a short drive from Assiniboine Park (hyperlink to TW Assiniboine park profile) the menu features old-school Italian cuisine with a few surprises.

monalisa_fettucineFettucine Alfredo is everything that's expected and more. It's a big, heaping plate of garlic-loaded, decadent and creamy al dente pasta loaded with savoury romano and parmiggiano reggiano cheeses.

Cannelloni e carne is a hefty meal that you'll wear home like a fur coat for your tummy. Manicotti tubes are stuffed to almost bursting with Montreal milk-fed veal, ricotta and mozzarella and topped with a vibrant, old-school and unpretentious tomato sauce that dazzles. It's a straight-up, fusion-free tomato graveyard. Many ripe and robust tomatoes gave their lives in service of this magnificently straight-forward sauce.

Order a glass or bottle of wine with dinner from Mona Lisa's 250-bottle vino menu.

Mona Lisa may be nearly three decades old but it has evolved with the times and food trends. The restaurant serves gluten-free pasta, pizza and beer.

Personal-sized multigrain pizzas are on the menu, along with "sushi" rolls, which are made with Italian ingredients like calabrese salami, roasted eggplant, proscuitto and basil.

The eatery has also embraced modern technology. At dessert time, a server arrives with an iPad loaded with photos of cheesecakes, tiramisu, tortes and artisan chocolates by Constance Popp. Viewing the iPad slideshow makes it impossible to not to order at least one dessert.

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