Lindt Outlet Boutique: Shop for Chocolates - Dreams in the making

Dreams in the making

By: PegCity GrubMay 30, 2012 // Food Tours


Lindt's master chocoltier Ann Czaja from Strathham, New Hampshire demonstrates how to fill Lindor balls during the grand opening of Winnipeg's new Lindt Outlet boutique in Kenaston Common.

Lindt Outlet Boutique
Kenaston Common
Address: 1570 Kenaston Boulevard, Unit 150
Phone number: 204-487-2946
Neighbourhood: Fort Whyte

Winnipeg has a new chocolate shop.

Lindt chocolates—opened its latest location—in Winnipeg's Kenaston Common, making it the only store between Kitchener and Vancouver. Take that Calgary and Edmonton.

The new store opened the first week of May with a VIP reception featuring Canadian Olympic gold pairs skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who then signed autographs and posed for pictures with adoring fans.

lindt_outletThe new outlet store is choc-o-block (had to be said) full of seemingly every kind of chocolate imaginable. Bins of Lindor balls were overflowing with chocolates, specialty bars lined the walls from floor to ceiling and boxes of chocolates stocked shelves everywhere.

It was your basic chocolate lovers dream. And yes, the chocolate was incredible. Lindor truffle balls come in a variety of flavours like milk, white, dark, peanut butter and hazelnut. The store stocks versions not available anywhere else in the city.

There is something supremely satisfying in the combination of textures in a Lindor ball. The outer shell and its snap provides a nice counterpoint to the truffle-smooth chocolate held within. I'm trying not to over think it. It's not complicated, it's just chocolate. But for anybody who has chowed down on a waxy, vaguely oily Easter bunny from a dollar store, there is a vast difference between outstanding and lousy chocolate.

At the opening, Ann Czaja, the company's master chocolatier from the Stratham, New Hampshire demonstrated how they get the creamy filling inside the Lindor balls. Shells of mini-chocolate globes are individually filled with creamy milk chocolate into a tiny opening on top.

It's apparently not a trade secret like Reese and their peanut butter cups.

The Swiss chocolate company has been in the business since 1845 and is now a global brand. Lindt's chocolates are most commonly found in grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies. And now, Winnipeggers can get their chocolate on at the new Lindt Outlet Boutique.

Winnipeg is also home to many great chocolatiers like Constance Popp (, Chocolate Zen Bakery (, Bernard Callebaut ( and Morden's of Winnipeg, among other chocolate aficionados. Watch for profiles on these local chocolatiers in upcoming posts on

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