Nuburger: Burgers and fries redefined - This Goliath slayed David

This Goliath slayed David

By: PegCity GrubMay 22, 2012 // Burgers


Nuburger's Tropic of Thunder chicken burger is a messy masterpiece. Juicy slices of pineapple, double smoked bacon and made-in-Manitoba Bothwell cheddar cheese top a grilled chicken breast. Take extra napkins. You will need them.

UPDATE: Unburger changed its name Spring 2014 to Nuburger

Nuburger Address: 472 Stradbrook Avenue Phone: 204-888-1001 Website: Neighbourhood: Osborne Village

I have a confession. Nuburger is one of my favourite burger joints in the city. Another confession: Pretty much every time I saddle up to the counter I can't help but order a Tropic of Thunder chicken burger.

I'm a sucker for the succulent slices of warm pineapple; oozing Bothwell cheddar cheese; the zip of chipotle aioli; double-smoked, double-thick, double-delicious bacon; a slightly toasted bun; and a perfectly grilled chicken breast. It just does it for me.

Nuburger bills itself as a healthy gourmet burger joint. Their mantra is local, natural, tasty and fresh. The menu is stocked with made-in-Manitoba ingredients from the bison, beef and chicken to the Bothwell cheddar cheese. The veggie burgers are made with all-natural ingredients and burger patties are never frozen.

Nuburger has elevated the humble burger with, not only fresh and flavourful accoutrements, but inspired and unique combinations.

I've tried the Opah! burger with its smear of olive tapenade, oh-so-creamy feta and a generous dollop of lemon oregano yogurt on a grilled 100 per cent lean Manitoba beef patty. And yes, I've tucked into a Blue & Gold (Go Bombers!) burger that dazzled with bold blue cheese, tangy balsamic onions and the aforementioned zippy chipotle aioli.

I also had a Great Falafel veggie burger. It didn't disappoint with its fire-grilled chickpea patty spiked with banana pepper salsa and a spoonful of lemon oregano yogurt that quenched the fire.

There are 14 burgers on the menu. All can be substituted with a bison patty for an additional $2.75. Chicken and beef patties can also be substituted on certain burgers for no extra charge. The menu has symbols to designate burgers that can be substituted, along with those that are healthiest and spiciest.

They also serve great sides, including top notch thick-cut potato fries or sweet yam fries. For extra verve, order up one of five side dips for an extra loonie. Insider's tip: The rosemary garlic aioli pairs perfectly with potato fries.

There are tons of extras that can be added to any burger like sautéed mushrooms, avocado, roasted red pepper among others. Burgers range in price from $7.25 to $10.75 for The Donald.

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