Jonnie's Sticky Buns: Buns Unlimited - Surprisingly hot, soft and ooey gooey good

Surprisingly hot, soft and ooey gooey good

By: PegCity GrubMay 9, 2012 // Breakfast


Behold the magnificent cinnamon-laced sticky bun by niche bakery Jonnie's Sticky Buns. This behemoth bun is big enough to share but why share when you can keep it all to yourself?

Jonnie's Sticky Buns Address: 941 Portage Avenue Phone: 204-415-7287 Website: Neighbourhood: West Downtown

When you're only selling cinnamon buns, being creative in the kitchen is key.

That's why you'll find way more than just raisins or no raisins on the menu at Jonnie's Sticky Buns.

Caramel rosemary, pizza, apple crisp, carrot ginger and banana-nut versions, among many other inspired sweet and savoury varieties, stack the menu at the increasingly popular Portage Avenue bakery.

Using the classic rolled bun as the canvas, co-owners Jonathan McPhail and Rheanna Melnick, have expanded the culinary definition of cinnamon bun.

"We're constantly giving new things a shot," says McPhail, who starts baking fresh buns every day at 4 a.m. so they're warm from the oven by opening time at 8 a.m.

Other bun ingredients include artichokes, black olives, ginger, bacon, cheddar cheese and cayenne pepper, to name a few.

Customers can also get any bun sliced open, grilled and spread with either olive and goat cheese tapenade or served with yogurt, granola and fresh berries.

The bakery serves a variety of signature buns every day, including a classic version; made with whole wheat flour and available with or without raisins.

Special buns are also offered on different days of the week. Those specials are listed on a large window frame chalkboard inside the postage-stamp sized bakery. Customers are also encouraged to suggest their own ingredient combinations, which they can write on the corner of the chalkboard. (The day I visited, chocolate peanut butter was up for consideration.)

Jonnie's uses local and organic ingredients where possible. Gluten-free and vegan options are also sold.

The bakery, which opened in December 2010, has just two tables so expect to take your buns to go unless you luck into a seat.

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