Promenade Café & Wine: French revolution - Delicious choco-almond cake

Delicious choco-almond cake

By: PegCity GrubMarch 21, 2012 // Cafe


Promenade Café & Wine pear, brie and prosciutto croissant with mixed greens and strawberry vinaigrette

Promenade Café and Wine Address: 130-C Provencher Boulevard Phone: 204-233-7030 Website: Neighbourhood: St. Boniface

Casual breakfast and lunch spot by day and polished dining by night, Promenade Café and Wine caters to many moods and appetites.

Facing the Red River on Tache Avenue at Provencher Boulevard, the restaurant has arguably has one of the best dining room views of downtown.

With tourtière and beef bourguignon, eggs benedict, quiche and quesadillas, the menu is a French-Canadian mash-up with pan-Canadian favourites thrown into the mix. Dinner brings pork tenderloin with Napolean brandy and maple glaze, salmon with smoked salmon horseradish cream sauce, among steak, pasta dishes, duck, chicken and other substantial entrées.

For lunch, try the proscuitto, pear and brie sandwich. Served on a flaky, buttery croissant, generous slices of salty cured Italian ham are counterbalanced with honeyed pear and oozing warm brie. A crisp and bright mixed green salad with ribbons of carrot was drizzled with an unexpectedly creamy strawberry vinaigrette that delivered gentle lip-puckering sweetness.

french-onion-soupPromenade Café & Wine dining tip: Order the large soup as bowls are surprisingly small. The French onion is a hit. A savoury combination of melted gruyere, oodles of onions and a mature beef broth warmed the belly.

We couldn't resist trying a truffle to go. It's a challenge not to devour the smooth, creamy mouthful in one single bite. Take time to appreciate the dense, dreamy chocolate.

Promenade's menu, at least elements of it, will soon change. New owner Shawn Brandson (who took over last December) and chef Neil Higginson are also re-jigging the concept.

What’s your favourite French dish? Let us know in the comments below or email and we’ll help you find a local version!