Sal's on the bridge: An Oldie but a Goodie - This is a hard meal to beat.

This is a hard meal to beat.

By: PegCity GrubMarch 15, 2012 // Diner


Grilled cheese and bacon on Winnipeg-style rye bread from Salisbury House is no-frills comfort food

Sal's on the Bridge
Address: on the Esplanade Riel Bridge
Phone: 204-237-8305
Neighbourhood: Downtown

In a world where exotic ingredients and uber-expensive dishes often rule the culinary roost, it's refreshing to see that old-fashioned, comfort food still draws legions of fans.

That's certainly the case at Salisbury House, where Winnipeggers have been coming for eggs and bacon, hot dogs and fries, perogies and kielbasa and hamburgers since 1931.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner eatery has been a go-to spot since the first location opened on Fort Street 81 years ago.

Today, this Winnipeg institution has more than 20 locations and is undoubtedly a business success story.

Locals call it Sals and line up for the restaurant's signature sandwich the nip, a hamburger. Fun fact—the nip was given that moniker because the original owner disliked the word “hamburger.”

The jewel in the company's crown is Sals on the Bridge at The Forks.

Located on the Esplanade Riel, a suspension pedestrian bridge over the Red River, the restaurant attracts an eclectic roster of diners from young families to seniors, business people to teens and everyone in between. On our lunchtime visit, the place was hopping with a steady stream of customers. Maybe it's because the reasonably priced menu has something for everyone.

For a simple, yet satisfying bite, dig into a grilled processed cheese and crispy bacon sandwich on Winnipeg rye bread. (Diners can choose from a variety of breads for sandwiches or whole wheat or white buns for nips.)

Many of the menu items are served à la carte or as a platter with golden fries or choice of salad.

If the riverfront view and food isn't reason enough to visit, the decor is worth a trip.

chocolate-shakeWith sparkling red and silver vinyl bench seats, neon red lights and a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle suspended above the dining room, the space could be described as “The Jetsons meets Happy Days.”

Whatever you eat, make sure to share a retro-chic chocolate milkshake with a friend to finish your meal. This thick and creamy treat is drizzled with loads of extra chocolate syrup, a blast of whipped cream and the requisite cherry on top.

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